School camp project

School camp project

EuropeShire is an independent school camp project. During one week your group of students will be able to improve their English while meeting with other youngsters from Europe.

The project is didactic and fun. It is a mix between conversation workshops led by English native speakers on various topics, sports activities, games or even arts & crafts. Participants will have the opportunity to interact in English during their entire stay. They will be sharing their rooms with different nationalities which will encourage them to open up and bond.

It has been proven that learning a language is faster when put into context.

At EuropeShire your students will learn by practicing. They will be put at the center of their learning. The project is tailored so that your students will have many opportunities to speak English with other students during their stay with us !

This school camp is available for students from the age of 14 to 17 years old who have reached at least an A2 level according to the European Common Language Framework. We will do our best to match the same age group together, although this depends on the week you will register for.

We accept groups of any size as long as students from bigger groups understand that the objective of the project is to mix and communicate with others !

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